50 Great Books
'The 50 Greatest Books on the American West' as compiled by the editors of True West magazine - presented as listed, alpha by title - sans editor's comments. If you want to read the editor's comments, you'll need to get a copy of the October, 2003 issue.
The List
♠Across the Wide Missouri
 by Bernard DeVoto
♠The American Fur Trade of the Far West
 by Hiram Martin Chittenden
♠An Authentic Life of Billy the Kid
 by Pat Garrett
♠And Die in the West
 by Paula Mitchell Marks
♠Angle of Repose
 by Wallace Stegner
♠Astoria, or Anecdotes of an Enterprise Beyond the Rocky Mountains
 by Washington Irving
♠Bat Masterson
 by Robert K. DeArment
♠Bent's Fort
 by David Lavender
♠Beyond the Hundredth Meridian
 by Wallace Stegner
♠The Big Sky
 by A.B. Guthrie, Jr.
♠Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
 by Dee Brown
♠The Butterfield Overland Mail, 1857 - 1869
 by Roscoe P. and Margaret B. Conkling
♠The California and Oregon Trail:
Being Sketches of Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life
 by Francis Parkman
♠Charles Goodnight : Cowman and Plainsman
 by J. Evetts Haley
♠The Conquest of Apacheria
 by Dan L. Thrapp
♠Commerce of the Prairies
 by Josiah Gregg
♠John Wesley Hardin: Dark Angel of Texas
 by Leon C. Metz
♠Death Comes for the Archbishop
 by Willa Cather
♠The Devil Knows How to Ride
 by Edward E. Leslie
♠Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography
 by Dan L. Thrapp
♠Forty Years on the Frontier
 by Granville Stuart
♠The Great Plains
 by Walter Prescott Webb
♠Historic Sketches of the Cattle Trade of the West and Southwest
 by Joseph G. McCoy
♠'I Will Fight No More Forever':
Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War
 by Merrill D. Beal
♠Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West
 by Dale Morgan
♠Jeff Milton: A Good Man with a Gun
 by J. Evetts Haley
♠The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
 by Edited by Gary L. Moulton
♠A Journey Through Texas
 by Frederick Law Olmsted
♠Lazy B
 by Sandra Day O'Connor and H. Alan Day
♠The Lincoln County War
 by Frederick W. Nolan
♠The Log of a Cowboy
 by Andy Adams
♠Lonesome Dove
 by Larry McMurtry
♠The Mountain Men and the Fur Trade of the Far West
 by Edited by LeRoy R. Hafen
♠My Antonia
 by Willa Cather
♠On the Border with Crook
 by John G. Bourke
♠Pat Garrett: The Story of a Western Lawman
 by Leon C. Metz
♠The Plains Across
 by John D. Unruh, Jr.
♠Roughing It
 by Mark Twain
♠The Saga of Billy the Kid
 by Walter Noble Burns
♠Sam Bass and Gang
 by Rick Miller
♠Son of the Morning Star
 by Evan Connell
♠The Texas Rangers
 by Walter Prescott Webb
♠Tombstone: An Iliad of the Southwest
 by Walter Noble Burns
♠The Trail Drivers of Texas
 by J. Marvin Hunter
♠Vanished Arizona
 by Martha Summerhayes
♠The Vigilantes of Montana
 by Thomas Dimsdale
♠The Virginian
 by Owen Wister
♠Wah-to-Yah and the Taos Trail
 by Lewis H. Garrard
♠Wyatt Earp : Frontier Marshal
 by Stuart Lake
♠The XIT Ranch of Texas and the Early Days of the Llano Estacado
 by J. Evetts Haley



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