Zane Grey - Walter Black Editions
There are 75 titles in this series. The first 60 titles are fairly common, however the final 15 titles are scarce and can be difficult to locate.
A very distinctive look to this series
Zane Grey - Walter Black Editions
Magazine advertisement, circa early 1950's
Zane Grey - Walter Black Editions - circa 1951
The following titles are considered to be parts of series, shown in suggested reading order:
Betty Zane (49)
Spirit of the Border (53)
Last Trail (52)
Drift Fence (36)
Hash Knife Outfit (6)
Forlorn River (33)
Nevada (43)
Knights of the Range (39)
Twin Sombreros (19)
Light of Western Stars (26)
Majesty’s Rancho (31)
Riders of the Purple Sage (1)
Rainbow Trail (27)
Wanderer of the Wasteland (45)
Stairs of Sand (32)
I am no longer stocking books in this series. This page is being provided as a reference for collectors.